Restoring a 1915 Colonial Revival house
1912 Wm Scherer catalog

We found this 1912 catalog from William C. Scherer and Co. of Baltimore a few months ago and were surprised to find that it contains much of the millwork inside our house. Over time, we have picked up many period catalogs of building materials, light fixtures, plumbing, and millwork from the 1910s and early 1920s to use as references in our restoration efforts. Many of them contain items that are close to those used in our house, but none were exact until we found this one. After a careful study of this catalog, we are about 99% sure that Scherer's was the source of at least some of the materials used in our house.

Here is the title page of the catalog.

Our staircase is a three story variation of number 592 on the top right. It's surprising that this company was still using the term "Eastlake" in 1912.

The starting newel post on our staircase is number 664. There are a total of ten of angle newel number 668 as you go up our stairs.

The medicine cabinet on the top of this page is identical to the one in our second and third floor bathrooms.