Restoring a 1915 Colonial Revival house
This section has been divided into two sections, one containing scans of historic catalogs and another containing articles we have written that do not necessarily relate to a particular project around the house.  If you have any suggestions for future articles, just e-mail us!

Historic Home and Building Materials Catalogs
Currently contains scans of catalogs published in the 1910s and 1920s featuring building materials, plumbing fixtures, millwork, paint colors, bathroom layouts and accessories, and other items of interest. We have many more in addition to what is listed here and will be adding them as we have time. These period catalogs are valuable references in a home restoration.

General Articles
Various articles we have written covering everything from where go to find nice antique furniture and what we do with it when we bring it home. Or you may see the
documented step-by-step restoration of a low-tank toilet or clawfoot tub, You might even see the restoration of other things like mechanical phonographs, early vacuum tube radios, old kitchen and home appliances, even pinball and arcade games. This will be a "fun" section of the site that is currently under construction.