Restoring a 1915 Colonial Revival house
Historic Catalogs
This page contains scans of period building material catalogs we have picked up here and there to use as references in restoring our house. We are slowly scanning what we have and adding them here.

Catalogs are arranged by date:

1912 Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Co. lavatory catalog
This catalog, published by the Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Co. in 1912, showcases their line of bathroom sinks. The sinks depicted are typical of what would have originally been in a house constructed between about 1910 and 1925. These same sinks are often the ones encountered in architectural salvage yards today.

Page 1          Page 2           Page 3           Page 4          Page 5          Page 6

1912 William Scherer and Co. catalog
This catalog contains many items that were used in the construction of our house. So far, we have only scanned pages that depict features showcased on our website. We plan to eventually add the entire catalog to the site when we have time to scan it all.

1913 American Radiator Co. catalog

This is a section of a 1913 catalog from the American Radiator Co., the leading manufacturer of cast iron radiators used in steam and hot water heating systems in the US for years. Two of the designs depicted in this catalog, the Peerless and the Rococo, were the two best selling designs of the company throughout the 1910s and many can be found still in service today. One of these days I'm going to make a page on radiators. American Radiator Co. merged with Standard, the manufacturer of plumbing fixtures, in 1929 to create American Standard.

Page 1            Page 2            Page 3           Page 4

1915 Shane and Company Plumbing Fixture catalog
This catalog was issued in June 1915 and contains representations of typical 1910s period bathrooms along with plumbing fixtures for bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and outdoors. Period bathroom accessories are also featured.

Page 1                                                               Page 2                                                           Page 3

1917 Montgomery Ward Building Materials catalog
This catalog, printed in the Spring of 1917 by Montgomery Ward, gives a good overview of average quality materials and styles available to the homebuilder in the 1910s. The two major architectural styles of the day, Colonial Revival and Arts and Crafts, dominate the offerings. There are hundreds of illustrations showing available materials and is a valuable reference to anyone restoring or recreating an early 20th Century residence. The materials depicted within would be at home in a residence dating from about 1907 through the early 1920s.

The catalog is broken up into seven parts for ease of viewing. Files are large and may take a moment to load.

Part 1          Part 2          Part 3          Part 4          Part 5          Part 6          Part 7

1918 Morrison, Merrill and Co. Millwork Catalog
This company based in Salt Lake City offered a wide range of doors, windows, and built-ins in both Colonial Revival and Craftsman style. Since this company was based in the West, there is a larger amount of Craftsman woodwork.

Part 1      Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6     Part 7     Part 8

1919 Paint Catalog - An Authentic Color Palette from the Period
Many of today's paint makers' advertisements of "historic" colors makes one think they were all dull and dark. These excerpts from an original Montgomery Ward paint catalog from 1919 and a brief discussion of popular paint colors during the early to middle Colonial Revival period show that this is not true!

1921 Building With Assurance - Period Interior Examples
Excerpts from a 408 page catalog published in 1921 by the national firm Morgan Woodwork Organization that depict examples of various rooms in a Colonial Revival home. This catalog is an excellent resource for anyone looking to accurately restore or recreate an authentic 1910s to early 1920s room.

Entry Hall/Foyer            Living Room         Dining Room          Sun Porch             Bedroom

           Kitchen            Bathroom            Cabinets and Built-Ins             Colonnades

Circa 1921 Ten Hills brochure
Advertising brochure for the Ten Hills suburb distributed in the early 1920s.

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