Restoring a 1915 Colonial Revival house
Third Floor

The third floor of the house consists of a suite for a live-in maid or butler. We plan on eventually making this the guest area of the house, but that will be some distance down the road. Click on the rooms in the submenus to the right or the links below to see more.

Bedroom #4
Bedroom #5

This floor is rough. When we bought the house, there was a kitchenette up here along with several other modifications that needed to go.

This is the view from the landing on the third floor. There are two fairly large windows opposite the landing that were replaced at some point.  The current windows are aluminum framed with horizontal glass panes operated by a crank. Looking at them, they look like they would be more appropriate for a 1950s beach house than a 1915 Colonial Revival. Apparently these windows enjoyed a period of popularity in Ten Hills as several houses around us had these added as well. We plan to replace these with something more appropriate down the road. The landing directly below the windows and the few stairs going in either direction from it are in very rough shape. Apparently someone left these windows open long term and didn't care about rain blowing in, as the wood has a lot of water damage that may or may not be repairable.

This is just a view from the third floor landing looking down the staircase. We just threw it in here because it looks neat.

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