Restoring a 1915 Colonial Revival house
This page will highlight updates we make to the site. Our goal is to update every week or two, though sometimes work and other obligations may cause delays. Please check back often!

Here are our most recent updates:

09/08/15: Expect to see some changes over the next few months. We've been getting little projects finished here and there and expect to start gaining some significant ground on some interior projects over the course of this coming winter. There have been a few exterior projects completed this summer and a couple that will continue into the fall.

We've also learned the complete history of our house. It was constructed in the summer of 1918, not 1915 as the city records showed. We were also able to get several photographs of the house over the years that will be added to the history page soon, along with the complete story of the house from the beginning to today.

We have scanned several more period catalogs to assist others with restorations. Those should be appearing on the site within the next few months and will be in .pdf format.

Since we have thousands of things to do, we decided to send one of our radiators out for stripping and refinishing. ChemStrip MD in Upper Marlboro, MD, took the radiator from our second floor bath and did an excellent job stripping the paint, prepping the surfaces, and repainting it in metallic silver. For anyone in the DC/Northern VA/Baltimore area who is considering stripping and repainting their cast iron radiators (or anything else for that matter), we highly recommend them! Their prices are very reasonable and the finished product is amazing.

Finally, we eventually plan to re-organize this entire site. We are so far behind with updates that it's not even funny, so we are considering re-building the site from scratch. That's what happens when you have day jobs that eat up all of your time and then some.

03/03/14: We apologize for the long absence. We have had several very large expenses and a furlough that have really slowed things down. A broken water line and some hurricane damage ate up our entire budget for 2012 and 2013 along with unexpected furloughs and tax hikes. We hope to get started up again with regular updates later this year.

In the meantime, Jada has started a blog showing various antiques and other items we have accumulated over a lifetime of collecting that will be going in the house. Her blog address is:

06/10/12: Work has slowed somewhat due to scheduling conflicts with our jobs. We made time to add some interior examples from a 1921 millwork catalog.

01/02/12: Added a page on how to restore an antique toilet and scans of a 1918 millwork catalog.

12/12/11: Made a page on how to add a cleanout to a PVC drain line - an emergency repair we had to make at Thanksgiving.

11/26/11: Added an article on the Electrolux LX vacuum cleaner (your grandmother's secret weapon for keeping a clean and dust-free house) and an update on the Second Floor Bathtub.

10/17/11: Finished the boiler and added a few more pictures of one of the bedrooms.

09/08/11: Added an update on the new boiler.

08/14/11: Added a new page about a new project we are undertaking - replacing the boiler.

07/04/11: Added a few more pictures of progress on the plumbing.

06/26/11: Not much to add, but we've made significant progress in running the drain lines for the second floor bathroom.It still has a long way to go, but we really feel good about it, as it's the hardest task involved in a bathroom restoration.

06/05/11: Added scans from a 1913 American Radiator catalog and re-sized some other pictures throughout the site.

04/19/11: Added scans of a 1915 Bathroom catalog and scans of items in our house pictured in a 1912 William Scherer and Co.

01/31/11: Added a few pictures of the new work in the Second Floor Bathroom.

01/24/11: Added scans of a 1912 Standard lavatory catalog to the Articles page.

10/24/10: Added scans of a 1917 building materials catalog to the Articles page.

10/17/10: Updated the page on Bedroom #3.

9/19/10: Added an article about domestic servants in the early 20th Century home, added a few more links to the resources page, and made a few format changes to the home page. Also created this page to watch for more updates on!

9/6/10: Added a page for miscellaneous articles we will be writing as well as a few pictures of our kitchen after doing some minor work.

8/14/10: Working on a page showing artifacts found inside the house. This will be a continuing work in progress as we're finding new things as we work.

8/8/10: Added some pictures taken during the blizzards of the Winter of 2009-2010.

6/27/10: Added scans of a circa 1921 Ten Hills brochure and David Dutrow Thomas's patent

6/22/10: Added a Guestbook and updated several other pages.

5/17/10: The ongoing project of restoring the interior doors.

               The complete history of our house on the "Background" page!!

                     Artifacts found outside the house.